Jeff Dunn on Jason Grill's Grill Nation radio show

Jeff Dunn on Jason Grill’s Grill Nation radio show

The May 16 episode of Jason Grill’s Grill Nation radio show and podcast featured Redivus founder and CEO Jeff Dunn for a candid discussion about healthcare, innovation and entrepreneurism amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The mission of Redivus Health is to reduce medical errors and save patient lives. … Fascinating show this week with an entrepreneur, doctor and healthcare thought leader.”

Jason Grill, host of the Grill Nation Show

Listen to the audio files of the interview here or download the Grill Nation podcast from Apple Podcasts.


Segment 1:

Jeff takes us through his background as a doctor and leader at large-scale hospitals and why he left medicine to start a tech company to improve patient outcomes and clinical decisions.

Segment 2:

We discuss how Redivus Health and its Code Blue mobile app help hospitals, patients and providers while mitigating risks and saving lives.

Segment 3:

We discuss why Jeff renewed his medical license to return to clinical practice as COVID-19 took hold and the program Redivus Health launched to help with the COVID-19 response.

Segment 4:

Jason grills Jeff on how he believes medicine will change moving forward and what innovations we should expect once the pandemic is over.

Learn more about Redivus Health and the Code Blue mobile app.