Redivus Health

Case Studies

USA Health Client Story
As the Gulf Coast region’s only academic medical center, USA Health is affiliated with the University of South Alabama (USA). The 240-bed USA Health University Hospital chose to implement Redivus resuscitation software as part of a larger hospital initiative to improve code team performance for patients in cardiac arrest.
Quality Improvement Study
Effective and timely delivery of cardiac arrest interventions during in-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation is associated with greater survival. This study, published in JMIR MHealth and UHealth in 2020, shows how using the Redivus Code Blue mobile app improved adherence to ACLS guidelines in cardiac arrest simulations.
Hilo Med Center Client Story
After implementing high-performance CPR and Redivus Health resuscitation software over the last few years, Hilo Medical Center achieved significant milestones for resuscitation care in 2023, including a 40% survival to discharge rate and meeting the new resuscitation standards from The Joint Commission.
GPS for Cardiac Arrest
Research shows that clinical staff members make errors in 30 percent of in-hospital cardiac arrest cases. This 2019 white paper reviews the factors that contribute to suboptimal care and cites how clinical decision apps, used in real time at the point of care, can give patients the best chance to survive.
Redivus App Performance
This published study conducted in 2018 tested how a group of internal medicine residents performed in cardiac arrest simulations both with and without the Redivus Code Blue app. Results showed 22% more correct interventions and 66% fewer mistakes and errors using the app in simulations.
AHA Guideline Adherence
In 2016, the Redivus Health Code Blue prototype app was tested via simulated cardiac arrest events with multidisciplinary teams of health care professionals. The Redivus app was associated with a statistically significant improvement in adherence to AHA guidelines for treating cardiac arrest.
Code Blue Documentation
HaysMed tertiary care hospital relies on the Redivus Code Blue mobile app to accurately document cardiac arrest cases in real time and sync that info to the patient record in the EMR. The code team reports that using the app saves time, boosts confidence and improves patient care.