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Clinical Guidance When It Matters Most
Real-time Decision Support
Real-time Decision Support
Diagnose. Treat. Collaborate.

Medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease and cancer.

Chaos, inexperience and uncertainty can overwhelm health care providers. Redivus clears away obstacles to quality care. Our point-of-care mobile application navigates health care providers through diagnosis and treatment during time-sensitive, high mortality diagnoses.

Less than 11% survive after a cardiac arrest outside a hospital
25% of eligible stroke victims do not receive proper treatment
50% of hospital deaths are linked to sepsis

How Redivus raises the bar

Team Approach

Redivus revolutionizes collaboration between doctors, nurses and emergency responders. Communication isn’t just simple, it’s instantaneous.

Quality of Care

With consistent, evidence-based protocols in hand, health care providers can reduce instances of misdiagnosis and other medical errors that lead to in-hospital deaths.


Accurate early diagnosis and consistent treatment reduces hospital stays. Instant documentation simplifies workflow, leading to additional savings.

Mobile Accessibility

Handheld technology is already transforming medicine. The Redivus interface is simple, reliable and intuitive, reducing distractions in critical situations.


Designed by clinicians, field-tested.

Intuitive User Experience

Designed for simplicity, the Redivus mobile app uses native iOS and Android navigation to deliver a familiar, tailored user experience to each care scenario for high efficiency across all care scenarios.

Evidence-Based Medicine

At the heart of the Redivus app are evidence-based protocols and guidelines that lead to better outcomes and increased compliance. Organizations can improve adherence to best practices and deliver standardized care while providing flexibility for clinical innovation.

Time-Sensitive Guidance

Critical healthcare events require immediate responses, accurate timekeeping and delivery of care at specific intervals. Redivus mobile apps help reduce anxiety and potential for medical error by delivering timely, step-by-step guidance throughout the event.


Care Coordination

Patient care requires seamless collaboration among teams along with coordinated engagement in diagnoses and treatment plans. Team members are able to track progress, and lead providers are able to transfer responsibility through case handoffs in the care life cycle.

Alerts and Notifications

Staying on task and keeping team members informed bring care coordination to the next level. In-app alerts and native iOS and Android notification services increase compliance with time-sensitive tests and treatments while increasing engagement.

Activity Logging

Tracking and documenting an accurate history of events is a vital step in patient care. The Redivus app helps satisfy compliance, reduce documentation error and increase productivity. Automated documentation throughout the care scenario allows for quick and easy transfer to patient medical records.


Redivus’ evidence-based protocols provide consistency for large health care organizations when it matters most. With every health care provider across your system able to access cases, communication between physicians and nursing staff is streamlined, so you can confidently offer patients the highest level of care. Redivus also provides instant documentation that lets providers continually improve through review, feedback and training.


Redivus levels the playing field for smaller hospitals in rural areas when on-call physicians face a cardiac arrest, stroke or sepsis case. Regardless of location, experience or expertise, the Redivus app’s simple, intuitive clinical support empowers health care providers to provide consistent care in acute care situations. The app also enhances communication between attending physicians and rotating nursing staff. The surety Redivus brings will allow many patients to stay closer to home, and its documentation features ensure continuity of care for transfer cases.


Even if you deal with emergencies every day, Redivus offers game-changing advantages in communication and timing. When there is no room for error, the Redivus app provides step-by-step protocols so you can act swiftly and with certainty. With Redivus, EMS Providers can also instantly update receiving providers using the app’s documentation tools.

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