Code Blue App

Clinical GPS for Resuscitation

Ensuring patient safety during time-critical events

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Digital Safety Net for Rapid Response Teams

Real-Time Digital Documentation

12-Week Rapid Implementation

Powerful Analytics Drive Quality Assurance Initiatives

Guides ACLS, PALS & NRP Protocol Compliance

Clinician-Designed Care Support

Supporting providers during patient deterioration and resuscitation—when it's needed most.

Care team response to cardiac arrest, clinical deterioration and respiratory distress has to be quick, accurate and without fail. Redivus Health's Code Blue app supports the healthcare industry at some of the most critical times of the patient care process.
Cardiac Arrest
Using an intuitive, interactive design based on ACLS guidance, Redivus Health helps guide high-stakes cardiac arrest situations with medication prompts, automated timers, and easy-to-use documentation tools. Redivus reduces variability and cognitive errors while providing clinical decision support and accurate record-keeping.
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
During weight-based treatment of pediatric cardiac arrest, stress is at the highest and the margin for error is at its lowest. The Redivus Health Code Blue solution supports PALS and NRP algorithms to ensure it supports the most optimal outcomes for these fragile patients.
And More
Redivus is the premier clinical decision support tool for cardiac arrest, sepsis, stroke, and more. Redivus is easy to incorporate into any hospital's existing EHR, increasing quality of care, documentation accuracy, and provider confidence.


Redivus Health in Action

Optimize your workflow with an easy to access, clinician-designed code blue app.

Broad Device Support

Redivus Health is always accessible on any device, with or without internet connection.

Evidence-Based Guidance

Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction.

Universal Timers

Timers act as a single source of truth for your team to deliver care on time.

Team Collaboration

Improve patient handoffs and continuity for your sickest patients by sharing or transferring events.

Real-Time Documentation

Automated record-keeping and integration with your EHR improves documentation accuracy and maintains workflow efficiency.


Real-time dashboards help coordinate care and proactively manage quality improvement.


How would your patient experience change when equipped with a code blue app that charts for you?

Data shows that using Redivus Health leads to better patient outcomes and improved hospital performance.

Resuscitation Improvements

66% reduction in errors

22% improvement in correct interventions

100% compliance with epinephrine doses

3X more accurate records

1 hour of charting for documentation saved

2 hours in reviewing codes saved for quality team

Getting Started

Rapid Implementation

Redivus Health offers an unprecedented implementation process of 12 weeks, including device setup, EHR integration, testing, training and go live.

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How We've Helped

"It’s striking how much better the documentation is from Redivus compared to even an experienced recorder… If more critical access hospitals used the app, they’d probably find improvement in outcomes and a lot less stress for their staff."

Dr. Aaron Neisen

Family Practice/ER, Docs Who Care

"The secret sauce for Redivus is that it fills a huge gap in the current state of healthcare, as a just-in-time, virtual coach with prompts, tips, and pointed questions around evidence-based guidelines to optimize the care of patients during codes."

Kristen Noles, DNP, CLN, LSSGB

Performance Improvement Manager, University of South Alabama Health System

"We lacked the proper sepsis screening tool as well as the ability to identify and document what we were finding. Redivus changed all that."

Hannah Schoendaler

Chief Nursing Officer, Sheridan County Health Complex

Trusted by these organizations

The Joint Commission

Meet the latest resuscitation standards from The Joint Commission

Easy-to-use training for ACLS, PALS and NRP compliance and continuous quality improvement. The Joint Commission's 2022 standards emphasize the quality of hospital personnel training, adherence to evidence-based protocols, collection of data, and implementation of internal quality control. Redivus Health's Code Blue app and software make it simple to document, report and analyze all the activities of the code team during a resuscitation.

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