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Simple, Intuitive, Easy to use

We empower healthcare providers to deliver the best care possible with real time decision support.

Medical error leads to 250,000 deaths in the US per year.  During time-critical events, chaos and indecision plague healthcare providers.

Up to 50% of the time the sepsis diagnosis is not being recognized
Less than 11% survive after a cardiac arrest outside a hospital
25% of eligible stroke victims do not receive proper treatment

Redivus provides step by step guidance through these dire situations so doubt can be eliminated and success can be repeated.

How Redivus raises the bar

Quality of Care

Achieve 100% compliance through nationally recognized guidelines during times of crisis.


No more scribbling on napkins, papers, or scrubs.  While you are confidently delivering the best care possible we are generating a time stamped document.


Redivus revolutionizes collaboration between doctors, nurses and emergency responders. Communication isn’t just simple, it’s instantaneous.

Mobile Accessibility

Simple, Intuitive clinical guidance that is launched in seconds to support decisions that lead to better patient outcomes.

Designed by clinicians, field-tested.

Simple User Interface

Feature rich, yet quick to learn and easy to use

Evidence-Based Medicine

Interactive checklists and step-by-step guidance without all the hassle.

Time-Sensitive Guidance

Embedded timers provide accurate timekeeping and single source of truth for your team to deliver care at the correct intervals.


Care Coordination

Collaborate with team members by sharing patient events. Seamlessly transfer patient events among team members, EMS, or other hospitals.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay on task and keep team members informed with in-app alerts and native iOS and Android notifications.

Real-time Documentation

Automated documentation throughout the care scenario enables quick and easy transfer to patient medical records in the EMR.


Our HIPAA-compliant cloud platform securely integrates with EHR systems for a seamless workflow.

Spend less time in the EHR and more time at the bedside

Send complete and accurate documentation to the patient chart

Increase reimbursement with fewer coding errors

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