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Cardiac Arrest
Affects 550,000 each year in U.S. and only 10.6% survive.
The Code Blue app documents every decision made and keeps the team focused on life-saving patient care.
Takes 270,000 lives each year in the U.S., and mortality increases by 8% each hour that treatment is delayed.
The sepsis app identifies sepsis faster to help clinicians start the right treatment sooner.
Impacts 795,000 people in the U.S. resulting in 140,000 deaths annually.
The stroke app assesses the need for tPA to preserve brain function and tracks the time windows for treatment options.
Heart Attack
Strikes 735,000 Americans each year and 370,000 die.
The heart attack app provides step-by-step guidance to help the team provide accurate, time-critical treatment.
Using Redivus Health leads to better patient outcomes and improved hospital performance.
more sepsis cases identified
Diagnostic Accuracy
Our customers identify significantly more sepsis patients. One health system transfer team using the Redivus sepsis app identified 200 more sepsis cases in just 6 months.
reduction in errors
Fewer Mistakes & Errors
A recent study found using the Redivus Code Blue app in cardiac arrest simulations resulted in 66% fewer mistakes and errors during ACLS interventions.
reduction in mortality
Better Patient Outcomes
Clinical decision support decreases variation in care and improves patient safety. One hospital reduced sepsis mortality by 30%.
more accurate records
Better Data In, Better Data Out
One hospital compared the Redivus cardiac arrest app with its EMR documentation system. Redivus provided more accurate Code Blue documentation and recorded interventions time-stamped by the second.
Redivus Health In Action
Designed by clinicians to fit into your workflow
Smart Algorithms
Linda, a 50-year woman, feels sick and confused and decides to visit the emergency room. Upon arrival, the triage nurse collects vital signs and starts a sepsis screen using the Redivus sepsis app. The screen indicates that Linda may have sepsis. (Vitals: BP=82/60, Temp=101, Resp=25, HR=110)
Team Collaboration & Sharing
The triage nurse transfers the results of the Redivus sepsis screening to the ER nurse and doctor. The ER team receives a notification that Linda’s sepsis event has been transferred to them. After viewing Linda’s screen results, the ER team orders labs to test for an infection. Results of the labs show that Linda has a urinary tract infection.
Universal Clock / Treatment Plan
ER nurse is prompted that Linda’s test results reveal the Severe Sepsis diagnosis. Redivus sepsis app establishes Time Zero and starts a timer for the 3-hour bundle. Doctor and nurses collaborate to start life-saving treatments.
Care Coordination
Linda is moved to the ICU. The ER nurse uses Redivus to share the patient event with the ICU team allowing them to view all treatment actions. Redivus notifies the ICU doctor and nurse of one more task for the 3-hour sepsis bundle and a follow-up lab that needs to be re-drawn. (ER team collaborating with ICU team; 3-hr bundle notification)
Seamless EMR Integration
As the ICU team provides treatments for Severe Sepsis, Redivus sepsis software documents each step and updates the patient’s record in the EHR. With an accurate diagnosis and quick treatment, the patient recovers.
Evaluate Results
The Hospital Quality Leader accesses the Redivus dashboard from their desktop to review all active sepsis patients. The dashboard tracks performance against key quality measures and helps identify clinical insights for sepsis compliance.
"Prior to 2017, we lacked the proper sepsis screening tool as well as the ability to identify and document what we were finding. Redivus changed all that."
Hannah Schoendaler
Chief Nursing Officer, Sheridan County Health Complex
"Quick identification of sepsis is a challenge to even the most experienced clinician. This tool quantifies the patient’s presentation, raises the possibility of sepsis, and can help drive a quick, coordinated response."
Joann Paul
Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Saint Luke’s Health System
"We looked at the patient care aspect of earlier sepsis detection, including reduced days in the hospital, and it more than compensates for the financial investment in Redivus."
Michael O’Dell
Chief Financial Officer, Sheridan County Health Complex
Empowering clinicians with evidence-based guidance at the point of care.
Clinical Excellence
Supports decision-making when every second counts. Reduces stress and increases confidence in diagnosis and treatment.
Efficient Workflow
Intelligent design that fits into existing processes. Automated documentation with 100% accuracy.
Care Coordination
Improves communication and teamwork.
Raising the bar on quality with standardized treatment protocols and continuous improvement.
High Quality of Care
Clinical decision support reduces care variation with 100% compliance and documentation accuracy.
Clinical Insights
Measuring and tracking results leads to better analysis. Dashboards provides insight into trends and data visualization.
Improving performance to build a patient-focused, high reliability health care organization.
Optimize Reimbursement
Improved documentation means better coding and billing accuracy.
Improve Satisfaction
Decision support for staff means better outcomes for patients.
Manage Risk
Evidence-based clinical decision support reduces risk of medical errors and improves patient safety.
Redivus Health supports clinical decision making in the most time‑sensitive, life-threatening cases.
Accessible on any device, any time it’s needed.
Evidence-Based Guidance
Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction.
Universal Timers
Timers act as a single source of truth for you and your team to deliver care on time.
Notifications & Reminders
Manage time-critical interventions and keep team members informed with push notifications and in-app alerts.
Team Collaboration
Improve patient handoffs and continuity for your sickest patients by sharing or transferring events.
Real-Time Documentation
Automated record-keeping and integration with your EHR improves documentation accuracy and maintains workflow efficiency.
Real-time dashboards help coordinate care and proactively manage quality improvement.
"I’m to the point where I don’t want to be without this app for Code Blue or stroke. It’s an essential tool."
Dr. Marc Scarborough
CMIO, LMH Health
"We selected Redivus to meet our goal of improving patient care across the continuum."
Terry Siek
VP of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer, HaysMed
"When you have defined, replicable processes in a clinical decision tool that removes the element of human error, it’s only going to improve outcomes."
Sarah Irsik-Good
President/CEO, Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
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