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Clarity and Confidence During Resuscitation Events

Clearing the Path to Patient Resuscitation

During fast-paced cardiac arrest event, adrenaline clouds even the sharpest minds. Pathway complexity and cognitive load are major contributors to intervention errors and delay.

Staying Compliant in High-Risk Situations

Research shows you lose skills in ACLS after 3 months if not used consistently. Redivus Health allows you to practice the algorithms and improve protocol compliance.

Easy Documentation

For more fail-safe, accurate resuscitation documentation, the Redivus Health app was designed by clinicians to fit seamlessly into the clinical workflow. It acts as a digital safety net, digitally documents every clinical decision, and provides robust analytics data for continual improvement.

Robust Analytics

Access data immediately after each event for debriefs. Evaluate performance, identify clinical insights, and monitor quality improvement from the analytics dashboard. Redivus makes Get With The Guidelines (GWTG) reporting fast and efficient.

Improve Reliability. Standardize Care.


Providing Clarity During Chaos

Time Critical

Events like cardiac arrest are not supported by most EHRs. In fact, studies have shown that 50% of code blue events have little to no documentation, leading to a higher liability and lower likelihood of understanding where to improve.

Easy to Use

Redivus Health fortifies high-stakes cardiac arrest interventions for both adult and pediatric patients with timed medication reminders, interactive guidance and robust retrospective analytics.


Redivus reduces variability in care and cognitive errors while documenting and supporting clinical decision making on any device, anytime it’s needed.


Accessible support from start to finish

The future of code blue

Redivus allows you to perform cardiac arrest interventions with step-by-step prompts so you can confidently perform what you already know. Patient care and workflow optimization looks like:

Automates data collection and digital backup to EHR

Supports ROSC

Provides ACLS training and simulations, especially beneficial for staff turnover and traveling nurses

Guides rapid response teams through post-event debrief questions for performance improvement

Improves provider confidence

Ensures compliance with The Joint Commission 2022 resuscitation care requirements


Redivus Health In Action

Designed by clinicians to fit into workflow


Easy to integrate. Simple to use.

Optimize your workflow with an easy to access, clinician-designed code blue app.


Broad Device Support

Redivus Health is always accessible on any device, with or without internet connection.

Evidence-Based Guidance

Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction.

Universal Timers

Timers act as a single source of truth for your team to deliver care on time.


NEW in-app feature facilitates best-practice guidelines for post-event debriefs

Real-Time Documentation

Automated record-keeping and integration with your EHR improves documentation accuracy and maintains workflow efficiency.


Real-time dashboards help coordinate care and proactively manage quality improvement.

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