As part of a larger performance improvement initiative, USA Health selected Redivus Health’s code blue resuscitation software to facilitate quality goals for the organization and to assist with ongoing staff training.

Affiliated with the University of South Alabama, USA Health is located in Mobile, Alabama, and is the Gulf Coast region’s only academic medical center. The 240-bed USA Health University Hospital will be the first facility in Alabama to implement Redivus with its code blue team.

Redivus technology is accessible on any mobile or desktop device and provides real-time, evidence-based guidance for treating patients in cardiac arrest, as well as automated documentation and detailed analytics for quality improvement. The software saves time, reduces errors, and optimizes patient safety during the most time-critical emergencies.

“The secret sauce for Redivus is that it fills a huge gap in the current state of healthcare,” said Kristen Noles, DNP, CLN, LSSGB, USA Health System performance manager. “Redivus is a just-in-time, virtual coach with prompts, tips, and pointed questions around evidence-based guidelines to optimize the care of patients during codes.”

USA Health will use Redivus to support its code blue team as they respond to patients in cardiac arrest and to analyze and report overall outcomes. As a teaching hospital, USA Health will also use Redivus as a coaching tool for staff members to practice ACLS guidelines and become more proficient and confident during a code.

“Redivus has a patient-centered design that gives our code teams best-practice guidance and appropriate decision making around optimal patient care,” Noles continued. “As we look at our organization’s overall initiative to improve codes, Redivus will be critical to successful adoption and sustained execution.”


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