Redivus Implementation

Onboarding Process

HIPAA Compliant. Easy to Implement. Seamless EHR Integration.

Redivus projects are typically 12 weeks from Kick-off to Go-live. The Redivus team does the bulk of the work during this onboarding process, with programmatic checkpoints throughout the project to ensure we are in sync and to prepare your organization for the planned conversion date.

Speed to Value
  1. Technical Setup

    The Redivus Health team will stage your environment in a single day.

  3. Configuration for Optimal Point of Care Use

    We work with you to localize the parameters to meet your organization's procedures.

  5. User Training

    The Redivus team provides onsite trainng and simulation support in addition to training tools to work within your learning management system.

  7. Integration with EHRs

    We partner with ReDox, an industry leader in EHR integration. Our integration API supports popular Electronic Health Records including Epic, Cerner, Athena Health, Meditech, along with many more.

You give the input, we do the setup.

Step 1: Localization

The Redivus team works with your organization to determine what, if any, changes are needed to ensure that the words displayed and prompts given are those that are familiar to your team members. The Redivus team creates the environment that you will use, then works with you to review and test. Redivus will provision your users based on your feedback and input to ensure we are ready to train when that time arrives.

Step 2A: Technical Considerations & Device Support

The Redivus team works with you to determine the device strategy that makes the most sense for your organization. Our solution runs on iOS and Android devices both, and can also operate on an approved browser on workstations. In addition, we can integrate with your enterprise authentication platform for a more seamless authentication experience. We will consult with you to determine what approach is best for security, safety and ultimately success, then help guide the approach during the implementation.

Step 2B: Rapid EHR Integration

During the sales cycle we will work with you to determine what level of data integration with the EHR makes sense for your organization. Most organizations will choose to have inbound patient list availability along with document outbound capability, enabling your EHR to be the source of truth for patient care. We partner with Redox, the industry-leading integration company, to do the necessary integration work for your project. We have done integration with Athena, Epic, Meditech and Oracle (Cerner) using Redox and direct HL7 point-to-point interfaces.

Step 3: Training

Redivus is customizable to your facility's unique needs, and because of this, our flexible training options differ. We offer scheduling meetings and trainings over zoom or in person. Redivus operates by the "train the trainer" ideology, so we offer intensive training for your select staff members, who can then relay information to the rest of your team. We also provide training videos for each clinical scenario.

Due to the dynamic environment of emergency medical intervention, we believe your Redivus training is best showcased in person, but you can easily opt to do virtual simulations.

Step 4: Conversion Readiness and Go-Live

Redivus will work to ensure your organization is well-trained and ready to convert, navigating this most-important phase with you using our experience and know-how gained from other client experiences. This is also where we work with you to ensure you have all the information needed for your future as a valued Redivus client post-conversion.

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