Changing the healthcare game with next-generation clinical decision support
Redivus Health calms chaos and reduces stress with step-by-step, evidence-based guidance and documentation
Time-critical medical emergencies can be the most stressful, anxiety-provoking events for healthcare providers, often leading to feelings of doubt, uncertainty and remorse.
Redivus provides decision-making support and automated documentation that changes the game.
Cardiac Arrest
Treating a patient in cardiac arrest requires following ACLS guidelines, while tracking and documenting time, shocks, medications and compressions. Our Code Blue app provides simple, intuitive prompts and timers. It records accurate, real-time Code Blue documentation for every action.
Sepsis presents with a variety of signs and symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose this time-critical condition. Our sepsis screening app simplifies the complex diagnostic process and helps providers start the right treatments sooner.
When it comes to a stroke, lost time equals lost brain function. Our stroke app improves the speed and accuracy of stroke care by assessing the patient’s eligibility for clot-busting tPA and providing clinicians with decision-making confidence.
Heart Attack
Symptoms of a heart attack vary, but the life-saving response required to treat a patient is consistent and proven. Our heart attack app delivers clear, accurate clinical guidance for the healthcare team so they don't miss a crucial step.
Integrate when you're ready.
Redivus delivers real value without integration, but even more when integrated. We integrate with all popular EHRs, including Epic, Cerner, athenahealth, and more. The choice is yours.
Share. Collaborate. Transfer.
With the Redivus cloud-based platform, clinicians can easily manage patient care across teams and facilities, while exchanging accurate event documentation from any device.
Ready for the clinical decision support your patients deserve?