Turning sepsis challenges into opportunities
Most attempts to manage sepsis fail to scale and sustain long-term results. Education, paper checklists, and EHR systems do not solve the underlying problem of identifying a complex diagnosis and tracking treatment compliance in real-time.
Based on chart reviews and customer-provided data, the current systems clearly fall short:
Sepsis identification is missed approximately 50% of the time
Average treatment compliance is less than 50%
60% of septic patients are coded incorrectly resulting in missed reimbursement
Reduce variability in sepsis care and achieve repeatable results with the Redivus sepsis app.
Better sepsis care, better outcomes
increase in identification
Graham County Hospital
decrease in mortality
St. Luke's Health System
increase in reimbursement
St. Luke's Health System
increase in compliance
Sheridan County Hospital
Streamline sepsis diagnosis and treatment
Reduce Morbidity and Mortality
Consistent screening and accurate diagnosis produces game-changing results: Redivus customers identify up to 3x more sepsis cases.
Fewer Medical Errors
Reduce variability in care and cognitive errors with evidence-based protocols at the point of care.
Improved Quality of Care
Timely interventions with full situational awareness of all sepsis patients helps meet core measures and compliance goals.
Reduced Costs
Early, effective treatment of sepsis results in reduced length of stay and fewer readmissions.
Continuous Education
Daily use reinforces knowledge and awareness needed to drive sustainable change.
Increased Reimbursement
Improve coding accuracy and reimbursement with accurate documentation. Achieve a Case Mix Index (CMI) that more accurately reflects acuity and complexity of care for your patient population.
Sepsis Workflow
"The Redivus app gives you a centralized picture to evaluate all the data. It gives you the tools to pay attention to the vital signs that are important to diagnosing sepsis."
Amanda Volchko
Physician Assistant, Sheridan County Health Complex
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"We are integrating Redivus across our system and making it a way of life for nurses. They say things like 'it's easy to use,' 'everything is at your fingertips,' and 'it makes my life so much easier."
Hannah Schoendaler
Director of Nursing, Sheridan County Health Complex
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"We need to think about sepsis like we do a code, because the faster you diagnose and start treating sepsis, the better the patient outcomes will be."
Dr. Jacob Shepherd
Physician/Captain, U.S. Air Force
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