Real-time documentation
and decision support

Interactive Code Blue Pathways designed for
nurses, code teams and physicians
An Entirely Different Code Blue Experience Awaits You
Documentation Accuracy
Collect more data points, improve accuracy and reduce workload with real-time documentation during the event. Access all code blue documents from a single source and export.
Robust Analytics
Access data immediately after each event for warm debriefs. Identify clinical insights and quality improvement opportunities from the analytics dashboard.
Increase Quality & Teamwork
Reduce variability in care and cognitive errors with interactive ACLS guidance helping to augment decision making. Situational awareness and communication are optimized with real-time prompts.
EHR Integrations
Improve your workflow with seamless integration with any EHR ensuring an accurate account of the event is available in the patient chart. Detailed records provide peace of mind for audits and potential litigation.
From The Problem to Our Solution
Augmented Intelligence Reduces Variability
The problem
Pathway complexity and cognitive load are major contributors to intervention delays and errors.
Our solution
- Automated timers simplify timekeeping
- Decision prompts ensure correct interventions
- H's & T's help the team focus on causes
- New PALS app recommends meds and shocks based on child's weight
Your outcome
In an independent study, Redivus improved correct interventions by 22% and reduced incorrect interventions by 66%.
Real-time Documentation Increases Data Capture
The problem
Paper forms and EHR tools are difficult to use and error prone, leading to inaccurate records.
Our solution
- User-friendly interface is efficient and flexible
- All decision points and interventions are automatically captured as the decision prompts are followed
- Document is immediately available for review, debrief and EHR sync
Your outcome
3x more data points collected during your Code Blue events.
Performance Analytics Drives Improvement
The problem
Data collection is poor; abstraction is difficult and time-consuming.
Our solution
- All data is captured automatically in real time
- Data is aggregated, stored and charted in graphs
- Easy exports of data for reporting and portability
Your outcome
Time needed for data abstraction and report creation... ZERO!
Putting Redivus to Work in Your Hospital is Simple
HIPAA Secure. Easy to Implement. Seamless EHR Integration.
Feature Rich and Simple to Use
Broad Device Support
Works with smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android as well as laptops and desktops.
Interactive Decision Prompts
On-screen prompts enable the code recorder to lead and document simultaneously. Voice prompts for timers and medication alerts provide hands-free guidance during cardiac arrest.
Real-time Documentation
Automated record-keeping and integration with your EHR improves documentation accuracy and maintains workflow efficiency.
Team Collaboration
Launch the Code Blue app and share with the code team immediately. All team members can see the progress and be up to speed when they arrive at the patient.
Universal Timers
Simultaneously track time, compressions, shocks, and medications without watching the clock or performing calculations. Give the team 1-minute or 30-second alerts for medications.
Data analytics make it easy to do retrospective reviews, evaluate performance and identify clinical insights. Extracting data for Get With The Guidelines (GWTG) reporting is fast and efficient.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It
"Our brains can only keep track of four or five things at a time, so using Redivus helps put the Code Blue response on autopilot. The app gives you prompts and frees your mind to let you think of other things you can do for the patient."
Dr. Jacob Shepherd
Physician/Captain, U.S. Air Force
"Usually there is such a high level of emotion during a code, but the app helped keep everyone calm, feel in control and take it step by step."
Jen Brewer
ICU nurse, HaysMed
"The app puts things in slow motion, in a good way. There’s so much adrenaline during a Code Blue. It can be chaotic. If your adrenaline is pumping, you may try to move too fast or skip steps."
Dr. Marc Larson
ER doctor, Saint Luke’s Health System