Cardiac Arrest
Reduce resuscitation errors. Document in real-time.
Cognitive load and stress contribute to errors and delays in time-critical interventions.
One study found clinical errors in nearly 30% of in-hospital cardiac arrests. Ask any provider or first responder and they'll confess how much they dread cardiac arrests.
Paper documentation is inaccurate, often misreporting or missing interventions altogether.
In a controlled simulation study, paper documentation was found to have a median time discrepancy of 77 seconds per intervention compared to 3 seconds for a tablet-based method.
Redivus uniquely addresses both of these problems in one user-friendly solution.
Treat patients with compliance and confidently repeat success
Documentation Accuracy
Automating documentation delivers 100% accurate record keeping while saving time and reducing workload for clinicians.
Evidence-Based Guidance
Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction and checklists.
Fewer Medical Errors
Teams reduce variability in care and cognitive errors with evidence-based ACLS protocols at the point of care.
Higher Staff Satisfaction
Empowered with just-in-time guidance, clinicians practice at their best with reduced stress and burnout.
Cardiac Arrest Workflow
"Our brains can only keep track of four or five things at a time, so using Redivus helps put the Code Blue response on autopilot. The app gives you prompts and frees your mind to let you think of other things you can do for the patient."
Dr. Jacob Shepherd
Physician/Captain, U.S. Air Force
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"Usually there is such a high level of emotion during a code, but the app helped keep everyone calm, feel in control and take it step by step."
Jen Brewer
ICU nurse, HaysMed
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"The app puts things in slow motion, in a good way. There’s so much adrenaline during a Code Blue. It can be chaotic. If your adrenaline is pumping, you may try to move too fast or skip steps."
Dr. Marc Larson
ER doctor, Saint Luke’s Health System
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