Nurse looking at documentationFor nurses who must keep multiple balls in the air during every shift, finding a technology tool that works consistently, saves time, and truly takes a load off their minds is a gamechanger.

Hear directly from nurses who are using Redivus resuscitation software to be more confident and efficient during cardiac arrest events:

Liz Doll, RN, USA Health on Redivus clinical decision support:

“From a nursing perspective, there is moral distress that goes with running a code, and Redivus really gives you that feeling of ‘OK, we ran it by the books.’ With Redivus, you don’t have to walk away feeling like, ‘Could I have done something better personally?’ The resolution of moral distress is great with Redivus.”

“I think we all walk around with more confidence now and that confidence really came from using Redivus as a reminder of what those AHA guidelines are. You do ACLS training, and you’re pumped up and for the next week you’re like, ‘I got this.’ And then it’s Day 8, and you’re like, ‘Oh, what was that?’ That’s just us as humans; our brains are full of other things. Redivus takes that cognitive load off.”

Liz Doll, RN, on Redivus documentation:

“Each patient, each code event is individualized, but with the standardized documentation from Redivus, it’s happening in real time versus what I scratched on a piece of paper and then went back to enter later. Or where my adrenaline is so overloaded, I only caught half of it and then I’m going to document half of that, so I’m getting like 1/4 of what happened.”

“As a code documenter, you may be coming in a minute or two after the event started, but with Redivus you can go back and put in those things that happened before you arrived. You get a pretty accurate picture of what happened with the accurate times. As far as documentation, it’s a huge win.”

Niki Vergara, BSN, RN, Hilo Medical Center on Redivus benefits to nurses:

“It helps to give nurses confidence to answer questions from doctors during codes. (i.e. next epi in 30 seconds, been running code for 3 minutes, etc.) They can quickly answer questions and it doesn’t compound the stress that they’re already experiencing.”

“In difficult times, it’s good to have something to give confidence. If there is not a good outcome, if it was that patient’s time, Redivus helps to relieve some of the ‘what ifs’ for team members.”

“If we can make nurses lives easier, and patient outcomes better, let’s use it everywhere.”

Niki Vergara, BSN, RN, on Redivus documentation:

“Our scribes are more confident, not as overwhelmed. Redivus helps them focus on capturing what’s happening right now, and they can fill in details later.”

“Our physicians are also happier – Instead of them waiting for a paper document to be picked up, scanned, etc. they can review in real time and sign orders. The next physician taking over care can know exactly how much amiodarone the patient was given without guessing. It helps with continuity of care, and it helps with communication between providers.”

Jen Brewer, APRN:

“Usually there is such a high level of emotion during a code, but the app helped keep everyone calm, feel in control, and take it step by step. I was incredibly confident and felt like I had control, and typically, you never feel that way during a code.”

“The app helps you navigate through a complicated series of events so everyone can focus on giving the patient the care they need. The primary doctor was able to focus more on differential diagnoses during the code because he didn’t have to worry about tracking the code. The primary nurse could focus on the actual patient care without worrying about who was documenting it all. We had clear communication from beginning to end.”

“Change is hard in healthcare. We have so many tools to keep track of, and you think you won’t have time to use another one. Our team knows ACLS and knows how to run a code. But now they see how this app makes a difference. People said, ‘Wow, this actually works and makes it better.’ It’s incredibly beneficial.”


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