Quickly make time-critical decisions for stroke patients
Redivus increases standardization and compliance with nationally accepted American Heart Association (AHA) stroke treatment guidelines, improving the speed and accuracy of stroke care.
Supporting timely and accurate stroke care
Evidence-Based Guidance
Provides a checklist of "FAST" stroke criteria, recommended lab/radiology tests, inclusion, exclusion and relative exclusion checklists to vet patients for tPA. Also provides access to NIH scoring to calculate the severity and measure improvement from the treatment protocol.
Smart Timers and Notifications
Stay on task for time-critical interventions by tracking the stroke patient’s last known normal and arrival times. Reminders prompt clinicians about the time window for administering tPA.
Team Collaboration
Coordinate care by sharing patient diagnoses and treatment plans. Transfer patient events among team members and departments to ensure seamless handoffs during patient transfers and shift changes.
Real-Time Documentation
Automated documentation throughout the stroke event enables accurate and easy transfer to patient medical records in the EHR.
Fewer Medical Errors
Accurately assess eligibility for tPA. Reduce variability in care and cognitive errors with evidence-based protocols at the point of care.
Stroke Workflow
"In stressful situations, you can forget a lot of what you know. Redivus helps me feel like I'm more in control. I can rely on the app to give the prompts to do the right thing at the right time and document everything."
Dr. Marc Scarbrough
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
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