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Redefining Sepsis Care

Identify Symptoms. Streamline Treatment.

Augmented Intelligence for Sepsis Diagnosis & Treatment Compliance

Sepsis presents with vague signs and symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose this time-critical condition. Paper forms and EHR tools are difficult to use and error prone, leading to ineffective sepsis care. Redivus Health simplifies the complex diagnostic process.

Using real-time data collection

Redivus flags SIRS and SOFA criteria and monitors bundle compliance

Includes timers for bundle compliance and treatment protocols

Notifies the team when an immediate action needs taken

The Challenge

Increasing Identification. Decreasing Mortality Rates.

The problem

Most attempts to manage sepsis fail. Sepsis identification is missed approximately 50% of the time, and 60% of septic patients are coded incorrectly.

The Cause

The underlying cause of these statistics is not improper care, but too many moving parts in a complicated diagnosis.

The Risk

Without an effective screening tool to help organize data and identify action pathways, sepsis goes misdiagnosed or untreated far too often.

The Solution

Catch Sepsis Before It's Fatal

Redivus Health flips the script and changes the way sepsis diagnosis and treatment is performed. Redivus helps providers gather all the moving pieces to get a clear picture and perform sepsis intervention before it's too late. Reduce variability in care and cognitive errors through workflow optimization that looks like:

Consistent screening and accurate diagnosis tools, including autonomous flagging of abnormal vital signs and labs signifying organ dysfunction.

Early, effective treatment of sepsis results in reduced length of stay and fewer readmissions.

Timely interventions with full situational awareness of all sepsis patients in the hospital.

Scans the EHR and alerts provider when red flags for sepsis appear.

Improves coding accuracy and reimbursement with accurate documentation.

Excellent training tool for identifying and treating sepsis sooner.

How it Works

Redivus Health In Action

Designed by clinicians to fit into your workflow


Monitors & alerts, sooner


Collaborate & analyze


Educate & document


Easy to Integrate. Simple to Use.

Broad Device Support

Redivus Health is always accessible on any iOS or Android device, with or without internet connection. It can also be accessed via web browser.

Evidence-Based Guidance

Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction.

Universal Timers

Timers act as a single source of truth for you and your team to deliver care on time.

Notifications & Reminders

Manage time-critical interventions with notifications and automated alerts.

Team Collaboration

Improve patient handoffs and continuity by sharing or transferring events.

Real-Time Documentation

Automated, meticulous record-keeping improves documentation accuracy.

Impactful Analytics

Real-time dashboards help identify clinical insights and simplify reporting.

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Sepsis Diagnosis & Treatment Intelligence

It's time to flip the script on sepsis intervention.


See How Redivus Has Affected Other Hospitals

Large Hospital

Identified 150% more sepsis patients over 6 months

30% decrease in mortality

Increased billing by $70,000 per month

Small Hospital

Identified 5x more sepsis cases over 2 years

3-hour bundle completed on time in 100% of patients

Increased bed days and revenue

"Quick identification of sepsis is a challenge to even the most experienced clinician. This tool quantifies the patient’s presentation, raises the possibility of sepsis, and can help drive a quick, coordinated response."

Joann Paul

Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Saint Luke’s Health System

"We need to think about sepsis like we do a code, because the faster you diagnose and start treating sepsis, the better the patient outcomes will be."

Jacob Shepherd MD, FAAFP


"We lacked the proper sepsis screening tool as well as the ability to identify and document what we were finding. Redivus changed all that."

Hannah Schoendaler

Chief Nursing Officer, Sheridan County Health Complex