Respiratory arrest treatment

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Coordinated Care. Consolidated Documentation.

Reimagining Resuscitation Care

Treating respiratory arrest requires the careful coordination of a medical team. Every second counts when a patient is clinically deteriorating—so there is no time to not be informed. With the Redivus cloud-based resuscitation app, clinicians can easily exchange patient documentation across teams and facilities during the “pre-code” process and forward, ensuring everyone is up-to-date the second they arrive to the point of care.

The Challenge

Reducing Variability & Providing Clinical Decision Support.

There are a multitude of underlying causes for respiratory arrest, but one thing is for certain: intervention is imperative.

During time-sensitive respiratory arrest treatment, there is no room for error. Pathway complexity and cognitive load are major contributors to intervention errors and delay.

Afterwards, information is scattered, sparse, and incomplete, making it difficult to identify clinical insights and aggregate data.

The Solution

Respiratory Arrest Treatment

Automated reminders, universal timers, and clear pathway guidance make Redivus a compulsory tool during respiratory arrest treatment. It allows providers to utilize their maximum capacity without risking data loss, cognitive error, or incoherent treatment planning. Optimized patient care and workflow looks like:

Improved patient outcomes

Documentation accuracy

Robust analytics

Increased quality & teamwork

EHR integration

How it Works

Redivus Health In Action

Designed by clinicians to fit into your workflow

Call Code Blue

Bedside nurse

Launch Code Blue App


Follow Decision Prompts & Document the Code

Lead provider & nurse

Review & Finalize Code Document

Lead provider & nurse

Sync Document with EHR System



Easy to Integrate. Simple to Use.

Broad Device Support

Redivus Health is always accessible on any iOS or Android device, with or without internet connection.

Redivus Health in Action

Optimize your workflow with the easy to access, clinician-designed app.

Evidence-Based Guidance

Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction.

Universal Timers

Timers act as a single source of truth for you and your team to deliver care on time.

Notifications & Reminders

Manage time-critical interventions with notifications and automated alerts.

Team Collaboration

Improve patient handoffs and continuity by sharing or transferring events.

Real-Time Documentation

Automated, meticulous record-keeping improves documentation accuracy.

Impactful Analytics

Real-time dashboards help identify clinical insights and simplify reporting.

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Redefine Resuscitation with a Trusted, Clinician-Designed App.

See how we've helped

"Quick identification of sepsis is a challenge to even the most experienced clinician. This tool quantifies the patient’s presentation, raises the possibility of sepsis, and can help drive a quick, coordinated response."

Joann Paul

Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Saint Luke’s Health System

"We need to think about sepsis like we do a code, because the faster you diagnose and start treating sepsis, the better the patient outcomes will be."

Dr. Jacob Shepherd

Physician/Captain, U.S. Air Force

"We lacked the proper sepsis screening tool as well as the ability to identify and document what we were finding. Redivus changed all that."

Hannah Schoendaler

Chief Nursing Officer, Sheridan County Health Complex