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Support clinicians. Save lives.

Supporting healthcare providers at the most critical times.

Athletes and clinicians must perform at the top of their game. If athletes crack under pressure, they lose the game. If clinicians make mistakes, people may die.

As a physician-founded software company, we know the feeling. We’ve made mistakes on the front lines and observed others making them. And we have turned the learning from those mistakes into a passion for improvement. Redivus Health is a group of physicians, nurses, and hospital IT experts who have found a better way. Checklists and the intuitive experience of GPS-like navigation will give you confidence in clinical decision making and the ability to keep patients safe.

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Supporting clinicians at the most critical times

Our Mission

Redivus Health is on a mission to reduce the variability in high-stress healthcare situations. We are physicians, nurses, and tech gurus using technology to advance the practice of medicine. We recognize that clinicians are only human and they make mistakes. Redivus Health provides clinical decision support at the point of care to reduce medical errors. Our goal is to change the way physicians and care teams diagnose and treat patients.

We are physicians, nurses, and tech gurus using technology to advance the practice of medicine.

Leadership Team

Jeff Dunn
Chief Executive Officer
Max Reinig
Chief Operating Officer
Kristy Blomquist
Director, Clinical Excellence
Julie Hull
Director, Client Success

Who We Serve

Doctors & nurses
  • Clinical excellence
  • Efficient workflow
  • Care coordination
Quality leaders
  • Reliable analytics
  • Reduce care variation
  • 100% compliance & documentation
  • Efficient training simulations
  • Data visualization
  • Reduce care variation
  • Manage risk
  • Optimize reimbursement
  • Improve satisfaction

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