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What People Are Saying About Redivus Health

Discover what physicians and healthcare providers have to say about using the Redivus Health app.

"High levels of adrenaline make people freeze up. Anything that lowers the tension level can make a big difference."

"As soon as I pulled out my phone and launched the Code Blue app, the room calmed down. The more

"It’s like a security blanket. It keeps you on track so you don’t have to worry about every next more

"Using the app gives you more time to think. It takes a complicated situation and it gets you to more

"It’s helpful for nurses to have the Redivus app on their smartphone or tablet, right at the patient’s bedside, more

"Redivus Health has great potential to help nurses and clinicians be more confident in diagnosing, making decisions, and moving more

"I’ve been through multiple Code Blues in the ER. When I started using the app, it was the most more

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