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Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and a primary cause of disability. A retrospective study suggests that 25% of eligible ischemic stroke patients do not receive tPA. The study further reveals living in rural areas more than doubles the likelihood of not being treated with tPA.

Time is critical in the management of acute ischemic stroke. The AHA’s guidelines encourage hospitals to administer tPA within 60 minutes of hospital arrival. Patients receiving tPA within 30 minutes of arrival had a 19% shorter length of stay than patients receiving tPA within two hours of arrival according to another study.

Secondarily, cost savings of nearly $10,000 per patient are a byproduct of reduced length of stay. Perhaps even more financially compelling is the reduction of costs associated with rehabilitation, long-term care, and the future complications.


Acting FAST Against Stroke

The stroke identification criteria “FAST” are available to quickly identify the symptoms of stroke. The app tracks last known normal and arrival times to give clinicians a time window for treatment options. Staying on task and keeping team members informed brings care coordination to the next level.

Redivus Health features a checklist of appropriate laboratory and radiology tests to ensure that tests are quickly ordered. Inclusion, exclusion, and relative exclusion checklists are also available to vet patients for tPA. Automated documentation throughout the care scenario allows for quick and easy transfer to patient medical records. Tracking and documenting an accurate history of events helps satisfy compliance requirements, reduces documentation error, and increases productivity.

Intuitive NIH scoring provides convenient access to calculate the severity and measure improvement from the treatment protocol. Finally, in-app alerts and native iOs and Android notification services increases compliance while increasing engagement.

Enabling Clinicians to Take Action Sooner

Built by physicians for physicians, the Redivus Health app provides mobile clinical decision support solutions to aid clinicians in diagnosis and treatment of time-sensitive, high mortality scenarios like stroke. Through better diagnosis, more eligible ischemic stroke patients will receive tPA sooner for improved neurological outcomes.

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