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Health Systems

Health Systems are complex, multi-location organizations where life-saving care must be administered through evidence-based practice. Redivus empowers your organization to consistently implement standardized protocols during time-critical events while producing the highest quality outcomes for your patients.


Redivus Health App - Health Systems - Administrators The chaos and anxiety that surround high mortality events like cardiac arrest, sepsis, and stroke often lead to inaccurate records, lack of compliance, and, tragically, fatal human error. The sobering reality: Medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Hospitals simply cannot afford to make preventable mistakes any longer.

Redivus Health is revolutionizing the ability for clinicians to not only reduce costly medical errors, but to provide the highest quality care to the patients entrusted in their care, all while driving revenue back to your organization.

Elevate Patient Satisfaction

The success of any health system is determined by the outcome of its patients. When a clinician can confidently diagnose a high mortality event like sepsis, for example, delivering prompt treatment is critical to ensure the survival of the patient. Redivus Health is proving that when more sepsis cases are identified early, the rate at which this deadly disease evolves is significantly decreased.

As an innovative, app-based solution for guiding healthcare providers through critical steps that may be overlooked or miscalculated, the Redivus mobile decision platform simplifies complex medical care, saves more lives, and takes patient satisfaction to the next level.

Embolden Your Staff

Improving patient satisfaction is always the end goal, but improving the mental health of your staff is of equal weight and importance.

At the core of the Redivus Health app is the ability to aid providers as they navigate high stress cases of cardiac arrest, sepsis, and stroke when there is no time to lose. With a clinical decision support tool to guide them, providers can now have the confidence to take the correct action according to standardized protocols. As a result, your staff will experience a dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety surrounding these emergent events, mitigating the risk of medical error and heightening the delivery of consistent and accurate care.

Strengthen Your Financial Health

You deserve to collect the reimbursements that you’re qualified for, to hit the mark on recommended treatments and lengths of stay. By improving adherence to best practices, and accurately documenting patient care, you’ll invigorate the financial stability of your practice— saving time, money, and lives in the process.

Redivus Health records every activity associated with navigating a cardiac arrest, sepsis, and stroke event at every interval of care. As a result, an accurate record can quickly and easily be transferred to the patient medical record. This instant documentation not only simplifies workflows and improves communication (leading to time saved by staff), but your documented adherence to best practices ensures that your organization receives what it is owed.

Redivus Health reveals a groundbreaking opportunity to revitalize the physical health of your patients, the psychological health of your staff, and the monetary health of your hospital. By giving your staff the support to act confidently in the face of chaos, you’ll reduce fatal medical error once and for all—and watch as your organization thrives.

Redivus Health App - Healthy Systems - Physicians

Healthcare Providers

The statistics are alarming: 50 percent of hospital deaths are linked to sepsis. A quarter of stroke victims receive improper treatment. Only 10.6% of cardiac arrest cases result in survival. In these urgent, time critical scenarios, it is essential that the EMS provider, nurse or physician act fast while being impeccably accurate in the moment—it’s truly a matter of life or death.


Immediate Guidance For When You Need It Most

Using the app gives you more time to think.
—Dr. Jacob Shepherd

Amidst the chaos of a sepsis event, figuring out and setting Time Zero is perhaps the most challenging moment of all. The Redivus Health app is changing that by clearly demarcating that time, enabling notifications, and inviting team members to help hit 100% compliance!

During a stroke event, keeping track of Last Known Normal time while expeditiously ordering labs and radiology can get confusing while vetting whether the patient qualifies for the clot-busting drug tPA. Stay on track, keep it organized, and don’t miss a step that could be costly with the Redivus stroke app.

Time is of the essence for a cardiac arrest event. With simple, easy-to-use navigation, the Redivus Health app seamlessly walks you through those crucial moments, giving you step-by-step, real-time guidance, simultaneously keeping accurate time and documenting every action you take. No more laminated cheat sheets. No more keeping an eye on your watch. It’s all in your hand in one revolutionary app.

Standard Protocols For Quality Care

Better patient care is directly correlated to an improved adherence to industry best practices. The Redivus Health app is a tool built upon trusted guidelines and protocols set forth by the American Heart Association and Surviving Sepsis Campaign, ensuring that patients and loved ones receive the highest quality care from nationally recognized guidelines.

Guided by these standardized protocols, you’ll notice an immediate decrease in stress and anxiety, you and your staff more knowledgeable and prepared to navigate standards of practice-productivity, and empowered to focus solely on saving lives.

Flawless EMR Integration

Using the app also gives you better documentation than what you can scribble down on pieces of paper. It makes the code less stressful, more organized and more thorough.
—Maddy, ER Nurse

Any pain is worth the gain. With instant alerts and streamlined workflows, the Redivus Health app integrates seamlessly with the EMR for leaner care coordination, boosted efficiency, improved communication, and a greater level of care overall.

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