Heart Attack
Smart decision-making support for heart attacks
Our heart attack solution delivers step-by-step navigation through nationally accepted AHA guidelines to help the care team assess the patient’s symptoms and provide accurate, time-critical treatment.
Navigate complex, time-critical situations with confidence
Evidence-Based Guidance
Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction and checklists developed from AHA guidelines.
Improved Accuracy
Automating documentation delivers 100% accurate record-keeping while saving time and reducing workload for clinicians.
Team Collaboration
Coordinate care by sharing patient diagnoses and treatment plans. Transfer patient events among team members and departments to ensure seamless handoffs during patient transfers and shift changes.
Smart Timers and Notifications
Stay on task for time-critical interventions for a heart attack patient.
Fewer Medical Errors
Reduce variability in care and cognitive errors with evidence-based protocols at the point of care.
Higher Staff Satisfaction
Empowered with just-in-time guidance, clinicians practice at their best with reduced stress and burnout.
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