Heart attack solution

Navigate Heart Attacks Confidently

Ensuring more than excellent care

Improving provider confidence

Our heart attack solution delivers step-by-step navigation through nationally accepted AHA guidelines to help the care team assess the patient’s symptoms and provide accurate, time-critical treatment.

Empowering clinicians when they need it most


Heart attack solution

The Challenge

Pathway complexity, high cognitive load, and an incoherent medical unit are major contributors to patient mortality. When the stakes are this high, the solution should be indubitable.

The solution

Redivus Health improves quality and standardizes care with intuitive, step-by-step direction and checklists developed from AHA guidelines.

Your outcome

Empowered with just-in-time guidance, clinicians practice at their best with reduced stress and burnout while reducing cognitive errors with evidence-based protocols at the point of care.


Improve patient outcomes

Documentation accuracy

Robust analytics

Increase quality & teamwork

EHR integrations

How it Works

Redivus Health In Action

Designed by clinicians to fit into your workflow

Workflow steps:

Call Code Blue

Bedside nurse

Launch Code Blue App


Follow Decision Prompts & Document the Code

Lead provider & nurse

Review & Finalize Code Document

Lead provider & nurse

Sync Document with EHR System



Easy to Integrate. Simple to Use.

Broad Device Support

Redivus Health is always accessible on any device, with or without internet connection.

Redivus Health in Action

Optimize your workflow with the easy to access, clinician designed app after rapid implementation.

Evidence-Based Guidance

Improve quality and standardize care with intuitive, step-by-step direction based on AHA guidelines.

Universal Timers

Timers act as a single source of truth for your team to deliver care on time.

Notifications & Reminders

Manage time-critical interventions with notifications and automated alerts.

Team Collaboration

Improve patient handoffs and continuity for your sickest patients by sharing or transferring events.

Real-Time Documentation

Automated, meticulous record-keeping improves documentation accuracy with minimal back-charting.


Real-time dashboards help identify clinical insights and simplify GWTG reporting, which enables high reliability and leadership.

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How we've helped

"Our brains can only keep track of four or five things at a time, so using Redivus helps put the Code Blue response on autopilot. The app gives you prompts and frees your mind to let you think of other things you can do for the patient."

Dr. Jacob Shepherd

Physician/Captain, U.S. Air Force

"Usually there is such a high level of emotion during a code, but the app helped keep everyone calm, feel in control and take it step by step."

Jen Brewer

ICU nurse, HaysMed

"The app puts things in slow motion, in a good way. There’s so much adrenaline during a Code Blue. It can be chaotic. If your adrenaline is pumping, you may try to move too fast or skip steps."

Dr. Marc Larson

ER doctor, Saint Luke’s Health System