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Meet Our Team: Doug Peterson, R.N.

Meet Our Team: Doug Peterson, R.N.

It was a passion for rural healthcare and an interaction with a Palm Pilot that led Doug Peterson to work for Redivus Health.

With 36 years of healthcare experience covering nursing home administration, critical care nursing and starting a home healthcare business, Doug brings a broad perspective to the Redivus team. As Customer Success Manager, he helps train and support new users of the Redivus Health platform.

Understanding Rural Healthcare

Doug has a lot of family and friends in rural Kansas, and he has managed nursing homes in several Kansas communities, so he is familiar with the challenges rural healthcare teams face.

“The practitioners at these rural hospitals are so busy, they’re doing multiple jobs, wearing multiple hats,” Doug says. “That’s why it’s so important to take the burden off them and help them provide quality care.”

His background and two very personal losses have fueled his passion for improving healthcare in rural America.

In 2011, Doug’s cousin, a successful high school football coach in Central Kansas, was diagnosed with pneumonia just after the first game of the season. Unfortunately, his condition worsened and he ended up dying of sepsis. Working as the nurse manager of the Medical ICU at The University of Kansas Hospital at the time, Doug found this very frustrating as he and his staff routinely provided care for severely septic patients.

A few years later, one of Doug’s closest friends died of sudden cardiac arrest while deer hunting in rural Kansas. Traditionally, Doug would have been with his friend for the opening of deer season and could have helped in providing CPR, but that year, he had to work in the ICU. Doug often wonders if he could have made a difference.

“If I had been there for my friend, or if my cousin had received treatment sooner, they might still be here,” Doug recalls. “Those moments were big motivators for me to get involved with Redivus.”

The Power of Technology

While working as a nursing manager in 2005, Doug was responsible for evaluating new defibrillators for the hospital to purchase. He helped with the decision to purchase a type of defibrillator that enabled documentation on a Palm Pilot, the handheld “personal digital assistant” that preceded today’s smartphones.

“Even though it was a clunky interface, the Palm Pilot had a timer and lists of critical medications that could be given, and in the right hands, it improved how the code ran,” Doug says.

“That was my first experience seeing how technology could positively affect medical procedures.”

That memory stuck with him, and when Doug connected with a friend who introduced him to Redivus Health, the pieces all came together.

“When I first saw a prototype of the Redivus Code Blue app, I immediately thought about the Palm Pilot,” Doug says. “Now I feel like being at Redivus Health is what I’m supposed to do, like I’ve been called to be here.”

Making An Impact

Doug joined the Redivus Health team part-time in February 2016 and came on full-time that September. As Customer Success Manager, Doug works directly with hospitals and EMS teams to train healthcare professionals to use the Redivus platform and to encourage its adoption among their staffs. He has regular contact with users and gathers feedback so the team can continue to improve the platform’s functionality.

Doug Peterson - Redivus Health

Doug Peterson (left) trains a nursing team to use the Redivus Health app.

“I’ve seen it over and over, time and again, as we are training people on this system, people have an ‘aha’ moment. You can see it in their eyes and it happens routinely,” Doug says. “They think… ‘Oh, this can make a difference.’ You see people recognize the value and see the lifesaving potential. That’s when I know I’m in the right place.”

For Doug, working with Redivus Health helps fulfill a larger goal of making a difference.

“I’ve always been looking for the chance to make a bigger impact. As a nurse taking care of patients, I had a small impact. As a nursing manager, I had a bigger impact. With our home care business, I had a larger impact. But with Redivus, we can potentially have a huge impact nationally and worldwide.”


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