New tool aids providers in identifying and treating heart attack patients

Redivus Health announced today it has added the heart attack module to its mobile application for medical providers. Heart attack, impacting nearly 800,000 people in the U.S. each year¹, is a prevalent, time-critical condition that relies on quick identification and treatment for an optimal outcome.

The complexity from beginning to end of a heart attack can be wrought with mistakes and errors. Healthcare providers including doctors, nurses and EMS providers can achieve improved patient outcomes by utilizing Redivus’ decision support technology.

Redivus Health provides clinical guidance at the point of care to help achieve accuracy and compliance through emergent healthcare events. Additionally, the application electronically documents in real-time as the event unfolds, to streamline integration with the electronic medical record.

“Heart attacks require rapid diagnosis and treatment accuracy to ensure quality care and patient safety,” said Jeff Dunn, D.O., Redivus Health founder and CEO.

“Our application augments decisions that clinicians make during time-critical scenarios to achieve a positive patient outcome. It keeps providers on track and removes distractions and chaos often experienced by providers in these situations.”

Responding to Client Feedback

Redivus currently offers clinical decision support for sepsis, stroke and cardiac arrest. The addition of the heart attack app became a logical next step based on customer feedback, including HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System.

“When presented with a heart attack patient, a significant volume of our case load, there are numerous steps and an extensive set of algorithms to follow,” said Brian Pfannenstiel, Director of Critical Care at HaysMed.

“Using the Redivus application keeps us on track and leads to better communication among all the providers involved in these time-sensitive situations – from the EMS providers first on the scene to the nurses and doctors offering treatment at the hospital,” Pfannenstiel said.

The Redivus clinical decision support platform, including the new heart attack concentration, is now available to all subscribers.

About Redivus Health

Redivus Health’s clinical decision support platform is an industry-leading mobile application and cloud-based platform. It provides actionable, step-by-step clinical guidance to doctors, nurses and paramedics during an emergent healthcare event. The application enhances time-critical diagnosis and treatment accuracy for cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack and sepsis, with new treatment areas in development. Hospitals and EMS providers use Redivus to reduce medical error and costs, as well as to increase compliance.

Redivus was founded by a group of physicians to make evidence-based medicine more accessible during time-critical situations. The application is now available for smart phones and tablets on iOS and Android through a subscription model.

¹ CDC August 2017,